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„Light, not luminaires“ sums up what is unique about millelumen architecture.
It is a groundbreaking system for producing indirect light.
The intention: to design architecture, highlighting the space with a clear vocabulary of shapes.
Without refraining from a minimal or purist approach, millelumen architecture stands for something very special.
It not only brightens up rooms, it brings them to life - by creating a unique ambience.
Design, look-and-feel, surfaces and the dimensions of the profile coodinate with classic millelumen designs that have been honoured with several design awards.
Site-specific customization results in individuality in its purest form.

Innovative light solutions

Millelumen architecture is an in wall-light-system built to customer specifications. Therefore millelumen does not offer any standard sizes of the architecture.
The profile can be built accurate to the millimetre and up to 5.000 mm in one piece.

Endless light solutions

For corner joints, special corner sections with milled openings for cables are available. 90 degree outside or inside corner sections and other angular dimensions are possible.
All joints are made in solid hand brushed alumnium with a protective coating.
For systems with a length of over 5.000 mm, millelumen offers a connector for linking and wiring together two or more architecture profiles.

Up & down light

Thanks to its intelligent deisgn, the millelumen architecture creates both direct and indirect light.
The bottom and top sides of the wall luminaire are illuminated continuously, with no shadows.
LED light emitting on one side only is possible if required.
The architecture luminaire lamp comes equipped with opal-white acrylic glass on the top and transparent acrylic glass at the bottom. This compilation can be changed on request.

Completely flexible

millelumen offers various distance profiles for when architecture is not be mounted directly on the wall, but, for example, as a mirror light.
The most elegant solution for the millelumen architecture wall light system is the external placement of the transformer.
Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible to place the transformer in a different location.
Threfore millelumen offers two different solutions to place the transformer close to the architecture wall light system: A distance profile with dimensions of 40x50 mm, sitting between the light profile and the wall.
It is possible to place several transformers in this distance profile.
Two sizes of aluminium boxes to cover the chosen transformer.
Through their handbrushed aluminium finish the boxes fit perfectly at the end of the architecture wall light profiles.

Do-it yourself solutions

The profiles of millelumen architecture and its accessory parts can be ordered without LEDs and without transformers by customers who want to use their own LED technology.
The design of the end caps, corner parts and connectors allow cutting the profiles on site by a qualified technician. This enables additional applications - especially in unclear situations on site.
Material / Color / Surface
Main Color Aluminium
Material 1 Handbrushed Aluminium
Width Small: ca. 20 inch | Medium: ca. 40 inch | Large: ca. 60 inch | X-Large: ca. 80 inch
Depth 0.87 inch
Height 1.78 inch
Technical Data
Volt 110/120 V
Socket LED-Strip
Watt Small: ca. 22 W | Medium: ca. 44 W | Large: ca. 66 W | X-Large: ca. 88 W
Lumen Small: ca. 1550 lm | Medium: ca. 3100 lm | Large: ca. 4650 lm | X-Large: ca. 6200 lm
Kelvin ca. 2700 K
CRI/Ra > 90 CRI/Ra
Operating Life (min.) > 50000 hrs
Transformer Included
Dimmable No

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